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HPD Hypnotherapy Training Course 

Selina says that she chose to study Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with CHPT Peterborough because although she had done her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees she had never really done anything that allowed her to be practical with her skills. She was also attracted to the course as it came with a HPD (a recognised qualification). She says that the level of practical client hours that the course insists you do has given her, in addition to the knowledge, the self-efficacy to believe that she can really help people with anxiety and stress and other everyday problems using her new skills. She says that she has been able to take this course on and see clients each week whilst working a full time job and is now in a position to start a new business!

Sarah says that she chose to train in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with CPHT Peterborough because her husband and son had both been clients of Gary Johannes’ and he had completely transformed their lives – she was fascinated to know how! She says she was terrified after the first weekend and considered seriously whether or not she would continue because the training went so in-depth into the neuroscience of the brain and she felt out of her depth. She kept with it and says that she is so happy that she did because she has learnt so much (including stuff about herself!) and she has lost 2.5 stone! In addition, she has got a great qualification and is now starting her own business. For Sarah, it was a huge step to train in Hypnotherapy having not worked for 20 years and she says that with the support of Gary and the group, she not only has the knowledge and the skills, but also the belief that she can do it!

Jo chose CPHT to train in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy because she has had Hypnotherapy herself and she was looking to become a Hypnotherapist and the CPHT course was highly recommended by someone who Gary had been helping as a client. She says she got much more than she expected from the course: She has made ten new friends, gained loads more confidence, she now understands much more about how the brain works and that helps her in her day job. She is now a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and so she has started a new business which means that she now has an additional income. Jo says if you are thinking about doing this course, step forward, get on with it, just do it! It is a great course and in fact it’s the only course she has ever completed with 100% attendance! In fact, she says, everyone on the course completed it. 100-% success rate? That has to be a good thing!

Kim experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapy herself and saw and felt how successful it was in her life and working as a therapist already she felt that training with CPHT Peterborough was a magnificent way of adding to her practice. She says that training in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been a journey: There is so much to learn, so much to embed and it will help your own personal development massively.


Next Hypnotherapy Course in Nottingham starts April 28th 2018

Jackie has worked for 22 years as a voluntary sector chief executive and wanted a change of direction. She says that when she saw the CPHT Solution Focused Hypnotherapy course advertised she just knew straight away that this is how she could use the skills in the workplace to develop a 1-2-1 practice where she was still continuing to help people. She says that the training has been wonderful. It has helped her to understand her own brain better and to understand much of the work she has done in the past and she wishes she had done it much earlier as it would have helped her as a manager. She says if you are thinking of training with CPHT Peterborough, you should commit. It can be challenging but that’s good for you, it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding work and it is of a very high quality that you won’t find somewhere else.

If you’re ready for a new career, a New you then apply for our next course here


If you’re ready for a new career, a New you then apply for our next course here

If you’re ready for a new career, a New you then apply for our next course here